Nature love

The another name of nature is mother. I think no one in the world who hates her mother or want to harm him. So, plz underatand that nature is also our mother, stop harming our nature, stop the use of undecomposeable products and my friends if you start caring about the nature the nature will take care of your family. 😊😊😊


Scamming and Frauds

Yesterday, when i was studying My phone rangs when i see it there was random number so, pickup the call and there was stranger person who saying that i win the lottery of 25 lakh rs, i was really shocked because i didn’t buy any lottery. So i cut the call then he message on my whatsapp some photos of cheque and some videos in which he was showing some money but i know he was froding me so i call my uncle who is in police and i told everything to them and i give the number of fraud person to my uncle.

My first blog

Hello readers, this is my first blog and i am really very excited to put my own ideas through my blog share my ideas with you.

There are many students who thinks they will enjoy after the completion of class 12 but my friends this is not true because i was also thinking that after completion of 12 the life is full of joy but as i thinked that nothing happen like this and i worried about my carrier. So this this thing will teach us that be in present and enjoy the present don’t too much think about future.